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Projekt Lilie held its 2011 Gala Evening to recognise and reward outstanding teachers.
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Unter dem Titel “100 Jahre Privatschule Karibib” verbergen sich zahlreiche erzählende Beiträge, als auch eine zweiteilige Landes – und Schulchronik, beide reichhaltig mit Bild-
und Archivmaterial versehen, sowie einer umfangreichen Namensliste aller ehemaligen SchülerInnen der PSK, die allerdings wegen mangelhaftem Quellenmaterial keinen
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About Projekt Lilie

Privatschule Karibib was closed in 1986. All fixed property owned by the association (a Section 21 company not for gain), such as the school and hostel buildings as well as a number of teachers’ houses in Karibib, were sold to the Karibib Parents Association in 2008.

A Board of Trustees consisting of Karibib Privatschule 'old boys' continued to manage the company in the interests of education with the focus on German education in Namibia for many years, until a decision was taken in 2008, to dissolve the association and to transfer the remaining assets to the AGDS (Arbeits und Fördergemeinschaft Deutscher Schulen), an association with similar goals and objectives. As part of the agreement of donation entered into between AGDS and PSK, the AGDS committed to establish a special fund to be known as the ‘PSK Fund’ with the following objectives:

  • To maintain Projekt Lilie, at least until 2012.
  • To fund two bursaries per year for students studying to become teachers.
  • To fund a planned re-union of former PSK scholars.
  • To support the Höhrerinitiative, founded for the purpose of supporting the German language service of the NBC.
  • To otherwise advance and promote the German language and culture.

Projekt Lilie is an initiative with the objective of supporting and promoting education in Namibia, with special reference to the maintenance and advancement of the German language and culture.

The project aims to recognise special achievements of teachers at schools that are members of the Arbeits und Fördergemeinschaft Deutscher Schulen and educational institutions such as UNAM and Windhoek College of Education.

It also aims to uplift the image of teachers in our community in order to attract young aspirants into this profession and to entice existing teachers to stay in the profession.

The project culminates in an annual awards gala evening at which the winners are awarded substantial amounts in prize money, funded from the PSK Fund, and they receive valuable plaques and certificates.